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THE SEVEN LAWS OF THE SONS OF NOAH and how they influenced Acts of the Apostles, by JAMES A. NOLLET


In these days of bloodshed, immorality,injustice  and corruption on scales rarely seen in history, the need for humanity to abide by a Universal Moral Code is greater now than ever before. James Nollet is well qualified to explain the Seven Laws of Noah in the context of Christian theology and has done an admirable job in illustrating how Christian Scripture relates to a Universal Moral Code which was revealed many millennia ago. This book belongs in the home of every God fearing Christian, and in the library of every student of ecclesiastical history of any faith. -- Review by Atty. David C. Grossack, Hull MA.

All Christians believe themselves bound to follow the Ten Commandments and other such laws governing personal morality from the Five Books of Moses. 

However -- within the context of Exodus Chapter XX, it is clear that the 10 Commandment were given by God, not to all of living mankind and its unborn descendants, but instead only to a small sub-set of mankind (the Children of Israel), and therefore the Ten Commandments are not binding upon Christians. Instead it is an older version of the 10 Commandments, called the Seven Laws of the Sons of Noah, which are actually binding upon all of mankind.

According to Judaism, these Seven Laws were given by God to Noah and his three sons and all their descendants who, by Biblical definition, were the progenitors of all mankind; therefore it is these laws which bind all of mankind, and not the Ten Commandments as such.

Evidence for this perhaps startling claim may be found in the Christian scriptures themselves, for if one knows what to look for, one can readily see evidence therein which proves that the founders of the Christian movement did themselves know and live by these Seven Laws. The purpose of my book about the Seven Laws, then, is to demonstrate this to modern Christian readers and students.

JAMES A. NOLLET is a tri-lingual (English, German, Polish) 67-year old American living in Poland on retirement.  He possesses university degrees in Chemistry (Fordham University), Music (University of Massachusetts @ Amherst), and German proficiency (Goethe Institut).  He worked professionally with the US Food & Drug Administration for 26 years as a bench chemist.  He had a supplementary second career as a free-lance trombonist in the Boston area before moving to Poland in 2007.  He has been published in "Human Events" and "PERSPECTIVES on Science and Christian Faith" (peer-reviewed article).  For several years, his translation from the original German of Mark Wischnitzer's 1935 work "The Jews of the World" appeared monthly in "The Jewish Press."  Today he teaches English part-time at the COGITO secondary school in Zgorzelec, Poland.  He also plays in a Lutheran brass choir in Görlitz, Germany, and is the de facto, acting rabbi of a small synagogue in Legnica, Poland.


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Why should a Christian know about the 7 LAWS OF THE SONS OF NOAH? Why should HE read this book?

The purpose of this book is to promulgate the Good News and doctrine of the Seven Laws of the Sons of Noah to the non-Jewish world, and in particular to the realm of Christendom, for a general knowledge of these Laws can save and transform our entire world. 

The doctrine of the 7 Laws is a Jewish one.  But few Christians have ever even heard of them – and, moreover think that they are doing just fine with their Bible just as it is. Why then should Christians know or care about this first of all Covenants, one which pre-dates even the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12 – 15) and the Covenant of Moses? 

For a Christian might very well say or ask, “Why should I worry about these Seven Laws? I never even heard of them; how important could they be? And since my Bible consists of both the Old and New Testaments, the Ten Commandments do bind me, and therefore I have no need to know about this other set of moral laws.

"Moreover, since the concept of the Seven Laws is a Jewish teaching and since I’m not a Jew, why need I pay attention to what Judaism, or rabbis, tell me? After all, I believe that my religion of Christianity is the True Religion, and that it superseded and replaced Judaism, which is now a defunct religion by my standards.  Judaism therefore has nothing to say to me that I need to know.”


One answer is, because the Early Church, this “better religion,” established by Jesus Christ and his disciples who knew him and who walked the earth with him and listened to his words, did know of these Seven Laws of the Sons of Noah, and observed them and lived by them. 

This can be demonstrated from the Christian scriptures, and my book shows how.  And if this were good enough for Christianity’s founders, it should be good enough for their followers, the Christians of today. 

The evidence for this perhaps startling claim can be found in the Christian scriptures themselves, if one but knows how to find it, and has the wit and competence to recognize what he’s seeing when he sees it.  And my book blazes the trail to this understanding. 


Indeed, there are certain sections of the Christian scriptures which no Christian can understand properly without a knowledge of the Seven Laws, but once he is armed with knowledge of the Seven Laws, the TRUE meaning of these passages just jumps right out of the pages of scripture with stunning, crystal-clear clarity.

A Christian who wants to know his own religion better therefore should read and study this book.

But if one tries to teach a Christian about the 7 Laws, that Christian might reply, while he doesn't mean to be rude or impolite, the simple truth is, that  the entire rabbinical theory behind the Seven Laws simply don’t work for him. He's not a Jew and Judaism is not his religion. Judaism doesn't bind him, and he has no desire to explore it or bind himself to Judaism's teachings and requirements since he believes that Christianity is superior to Judaism and in fact has replaced Judaism. So if one expects him to respect the Seven Laws of the Sons of Noah, one must tell him where to find these laws in the written Old Testament, a Holy Scripture which he can and does accept as his own.  And of course, any references to the 7 Laws in the New Testament should compel any Christian to take the 7 Laws seriously.

Once this is done this, one has given the Christian a solid theological reason to learn about the Seven Laws, a reason which appeals to his faith in his own religion.

My book about the 7 Laws can do all of this.


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CALCULATING the Dates of the Birth and Crucifixion of JESUS OF NAZARETH, by JAMES A. NOLLET

To hundreds of millions of Christians, the Nativity, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Jesus are the core, central, most important events of human history.  All previous human history leads to these milestone events; all subsequent history proceeds from them.  The world's very calendar is based on the Nativity.  All Christians base their prospects of eternal bliss on the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

When did these events occur?  This book gives a new and possibly startling, close approximation of the date of the Nativity, and a precise fixing of the date of the Crucifixion.

It does so, not with some arcane counting of Bible verses, but instead by combining known facts of ancient history, of the Gospels, of Judaism, with the power of a modern astronomy program.  This book is nothing less than a rigorous scientific analysis of the questions involved.

The calculation of these dates combines information from the Bible, known facts of ancient history, and Judaism, with scientific detective work based on astronomy.

In the course of writing this book, I unraveled and reconciled certain mysteries concerning the life of Jesus FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, IN HISTORY.

** Conventional wisdom has it that Jesus was born in or before 4 BCE, (even though the Gospel of Luke has information which SEEMS to place the Nativity a decade later, in AD 6).

Even Pope Benedict, in his recent Infancy Narratives, conceded that Jesus was probably born in or before 4 BCE.  This is based on the Gospel of Matthew, which says that King Herod was alive when Jesus was born, and in turn, on Flavius Josephus' account that King Herod died shortly after a lunar eclipse, and we know that one occurred on March 13, 4 BCE.

However, for scientific reasons explored in the book, my book rejects this eclipse as unsuitable for the historical circumstances, and favors either of the lunar eclipses of 1 BCE, arguing that either of these eclipses is a better match for what we know of the history of the era.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, I can RECONCILE AND ERASE the APPARENT discrepancies in the two Gospel accounts, and place the actual date of the Nativity from 2 BCE - AD 1.

** My book states the date of the Crucifixion as exactly April 3, AD 33.  And, here again, in the process I can prove something about the Crucifixion which nobody before has ever proven.

In the three Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke), all place the events of the Passion (Last Supper through the Crucifixion) on Passover itself, but the Gospel of John says all these things took place in the 24 hours PRECEEDING Passover?  But which is it?  All cannot be correct.

My book, for the first time EVER, PROVES that in the entire range of possible years of the Crucifixion (AD 28 - 36), Passover fell NOT ONE TIME ON THURSDAY NIGHT.  And, therefore, the evangelist John had the right of it.

All in all, my book makes original and unique insights, never before known, into the life of Jesus.  And for this reason, deserves to have a place in the libraries of anybody who is interested in the subject of JESUS OF NAZARETH.

Here is scientist Dr. John P. Pratt's Amazon review:

5.0 out of 5 stars --Technically accurate, well researched, and yet readable

By John P. Pratt on September 13, 2015

Format: Paperback (and e-book)

I highly recommend Nollet's book to anyone wanting details about how the dates of Christ's birth and death can be calculated accurately using astronomy as well as historical data. He does an excellent job of balancing making the book enjoyable and readable without losing technical accuracy. His conclusions differ from what is commonly accepted, but he provides compelling arguments to substantiate his claims. His strongest and most precise conclusion is that Christ was crucified on Friday, 3 Apr AD 33 (Julian), using the lunar eclipse occurring that evening as the best proof. He does not, however, mention the very strong corroborating evidence that in Turkey it was reported that during that year the sun was darkened for three hours during midday, such that stars were visible. He also does an excellent job of footnoting and giving credit to others throughout history who wrote on the subject. This book should be in anyone's library who in interested in the subject because it goes into much more detail in some cases than anyone else has done.


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